Friday, August 21, 2015

Flower Fort!

Our little summer project.  (I'm pretty sure I was more excited about it than the girls were.)

(Don't hit full screen.  It'll get really grainy.)


When the sunflowers were about 5 feet tall a storm knocked most of them over.  I almost cried.
Then I staked them and they thanked me by doubling in height.

Monday, April 21, 2014


4 months
So pretty.  So sweet.
I'm so in love with this little girl.

5 months old

Someone just discovered her feet!  Feet are fun.

Maddie got a Pinkalicious recipe book from the library and made these cake balls from it. She's very interested in learning how to cook.  She'll be my kitchen buddy this summer.

6 months
We started on solids (if you can call them that) a few weeks ago.  Lily liked the carrots.  And she looks quite thoughtful when she eats peas, like she's having trouble processing what she's tasting, but she eats it nevertheless.


 One month old

Sleepy little elf

 Look who got Daddy's eyebrows!

I love when babies sleep with their arm in the air.

She loved her bouncer the first time we put
her in it.

Three months old

She's a thumb sucker like our MaddieGirl!

Mommy's birthday. Gettin' old.
The girls made Valentine decorations.  I taught Maddie how to sew a straight line on the sewing machine to make the hearts.  Then they each hand-sewed them together.  If you only see Ella bouncing around, it's hard to imagine that she's very calm and focused when it comes to school or sewing.  She did great!

 Oooo.  Fancy hair.

I took Maddie for her first real snowboard lesson.  She progressed much quicker than her instructor thought she would.  Maddie rocks!  Here we are on the ski lift.  (She was a bit nervous about the height.)


I realize my blog title does not work anymore for a number of reasons.  It will be updates soon.  :)

Lily was a mermaid for Halloween!
(10 days old.)
And she was totally aware of if, alert, and enjoying every minute of it, as you can see.

About a week and a half old.
3 weeks old
She's such a sweet baby.  So is my little photo bomber.

Family visited for Thanksgiving.
Grandpa kind of likes her.

Some international UW students joined us for the afternoon.  They had never held a baby before.  So we insisted.

My mom taught the girls how to play Candy Crush. (As if we needed more Candy Crush addicts on the planet.)

And she taught our guests to play Candy Crush...

Holidays make babies tired.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweet Lily Has Arrived!

It's been a year since updating the blog!  Much busyness with homeschooling and being sick with pregnancy.  But I HAVE to post pics of our new sweet little girl.

Labor and delivery was pretty much the same as with the other kids.  3 hours and she was here.
(I think she looks just like Ella did as a baby.  But a little girlier.)

Big sisters' first visit with Lily.  They adore her.

Dressed to go home.

 At 3 days old, Lily was ready to go shopping with Daddy and sisters while Mommy stayed home and slept.

And that's pretty much all she does right now- sleep.

Lillies for Lily.


 I have to fight for time with Lily, as big sister thinks she's the momma.

All in all, we're doing good.  Low on sleep, but Mark has put his domestic skills in overdrive and is taking very good care of all of us while we adjust.