Monday, April 21, 2014


 One month old

Sleepy little elf

 Look who got Daddy's eyebrows!

I love when babies sleep with their arm in the air.

She loved her bouncer the first time we put
her in it.

Three months old

She's a thumb sucker like our MaddieGirl!

Mommy's birthday. Gettin' old.
The girls made Valentine decorations.  I taught Maddie how to sew a straight line on the sewing machine to make the hearts.  Then they each hand-sewed them together.  If you only see Ella bouncing around, it's hard to imagine that she's very calm and focused when it comes to school or sewing.  She did great!

 Oooo.  Fancy hair.

I took Maddie for her first real snowboard lesson.  She progressed much quicker than her instructor thought she would.  Maddie rocks!  Here we are on the ski lift.  (She was a bit nervous about the height.)

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