Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweet Lily Has Arrived!

It's been a year since updating the blog!  Much busyness with homeschooling and being sick with pregnancy.  But I HAVE to post pics of our new sweet little girl.

Labor and delivery was pretty much the same as with the other kids.  3 hours and she was here.
(I think she looks just like Ella did as a baby.  But a little girlier.)

Big sisters' first visit with Lily.  They adore her.

Dressed to go home.

 At 3 days old, Lily was ready to go shopping with Daddy and sisters while Mommy stayed home and slept.

And that's pretty much all she does right now- sleep.

Lillies for Lily.


 I have to fight for time with Lily, as big sister thinks she's the momma.

All in all, we're doing good.  Low on sleep, but Mark has put his domestic skills in overdrive and is taking very good care of all of us while we adjust.


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