Monday, June 4, 2012

Co-op Literature Fair

Maddie's homeschool co-op had a literature fair for it's end-of-the-year event to wrap things up.  Maddie did her Lit Fair presentation on Charlotte's Web.  She dug listening to the story!

 I made her a tractor skirt so she could be Fern. 
"My favorite part of the story..."

"Terrific, radiant, humble" medallion.

Spider facts book.
 New vocab.
 "Animals adjectives."

Maddie did a great job sewing a few animals from the book.  Her favorite is templeton. Goose is almost finished.

She answered questions for the parents and guests.

 Maddie with her good friend Maddie.  Yep, two Maddies.

 Of course I had to make a cake for the end of the year event.  :)

The kids did a great job presenting their memory work.  I have to upload a video of Maddie reciting her poem soon.....

The co-op has been such a blessing for us!  We look forward to another year!

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  1. Fantastic work, Maddie! I'm proud of you.