Friday, April 6, 2012


I say that if you are a ladybug and you enter the home of two little girls, and do not bother to hide yourself, you're just plain suicidal.

Introducing "Spots" (my children are not so creative with naming things) the ladybug who became a pet in our home for a few days.

Maddie was attached to this little bug. The girls kept it in a bug cage and got it out to "play" with it often. They'd talk to it, spray the cage with water so Spots could drink, and scream "Ah! It flew away!" when it would take flight, and chase it down and cage it up again. I told Mark that this was a flash forward to what it will be like when we get the girls a bird. He laughed in agreement.

So, how does the story of Spots end? Maddie brought him on a little road trip in the van and he flew away while she was holding him. Poor Spots. I guess that's what happens when kids only have fish for pets.


  1. So adorable! I love the first paragraph. :)

    So how do you get black and white photographs with a red ladybug? And... can you come photograph my children? All of my pictures turn out awful, and I'm pretty sure yours aren't all wonderful *just* because you have lovely and photogenic children.

  2. You're so sweet! I actually have an SLR (a fancy shmancy camera that makes it pretty easy to take nice pictures). They're expensive, but after my oldest was born and I looked into portrait studio prices, we realized that it would cost us the same amount to purchase a nice camera and do it ourselves as it would to get portraits done twice a year for two years. So by the time Maddie was 3, the camera had paid for itself. And now I have a new hobby. :)

    I use a very old version of photoshop (and a thick how-to manual) to do the black and whites. If you have photoshop, create a new layer, choose a brush tool and set the mode to "color", press "D" to set the foreground color to black, then paint over the whole photo- this will paint it all in black and white, then click on the eraser tool (or just press "E") and then whatever little areas you paint over will come back into color.

    If you're not familiar with photoshop, I know this was just complete nonsense for you. :)

    I think I remember reading a while back that you currently live in Illinois? You may have been joking with your comment, but if I'm ever headed down that way and have spare time to meet you, I'll let you know! (I love photographing other people's kids. And my rates are good- free!)