Monday, April 9, 2012

Officially Five and a Half

Translation: big and rambunctious and knows more than me on practically every topic. (Or so she thinks.)

Remember being a kid? How turning something-and-a-half was a BIG deal? And if anyone ever says your just the "something" you'd have to correct them? "I'm not 5! I'm 5-and-a-half!" (Like . . . get it right . . . puh-shaw.)

But she's still my sweetie.
She's a smart little thing.
Sometimes too smart to be able to chill like a kid should. She overthinks things and picks out illogical fallacies in them, and then is bothered by the way people word things because it isn't the most accurate way that it should have been expressed. The preteen years might be rough. But then her attention to detail will land her a high paying job like a surgeon or lawyer, right?

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  1. Gosh I hope so. Because Grace sure sounds like a mini-Maddie sometimes.