Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mouse by Maddie


One of Maddie's final projects in her art class at school (homeschool co-op) was to bring an object to class to draw on canvas.  She picked Mouse.  Maddie LOVES Mouse.  (He's the one from If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.)

It turned out so great!  I plan to frame it.  Mark and I are pleased with the academic level of Maddie's art class.  The kids learned about the elements of drawing, and are able to pick out shapes when looking at objects they want to draw.  It makes what seems like impossible things to draw less intimidating.

And I feel that it's about time that Mouse be honored.  He's special in Maddie's eyes.  He's been on countless road trips and overnight trips, stroller rides, bike rides, and has a special place in Maddie's bed at night.  Every night.  When I put Maddie to bed at night, if Mouse isn't tucked in too I hear a gasp followed by "Mouse!  Where's Mouse?!"  And I search the house then tuck Mouse in next to Maddie.

Here's a picture from back in the fall when  Maddie wanted a photo session with Mouse.

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  1. I'd like to frame the first one there of Maddie holding her picture of Mouse!