Friday, April 6, 2012

Homeschool and a PreDecorated Cake

I can't remember ever buying a cake before. But I was so sick... And the kids approved of the idea. But after we sang "happy birthday" and Mark expressed heart-felt thanks to the kids, he turned to me and said, "You BOUGHT a pre-decorated cake?! Now I know you're really not feeling well!"
It was yummy.

I found my word wall feet from my schoolteacher days! (I don't expect anyone to share in my excitement here.) It's nice to find stashes of teaching supplies that I don't have to go spend money on. The feet are basically a more exciting version of high-frequency-word flashcards.

We've been reading Charlotte's Web. Maddie digs it. I've been trying to throw in some expansion projects so Maddie has something to share at her upcoming Literature Fair, which we're both very much looking forward to.

Maddie sewed her own Wilbur doll. I cut it out, and she whip-stitched it and stuffed it. And she didn't spill any blood during her first "real needle" sewing lesson! I'm so proud of her!

Maddie plans to put google eyes on him. I think he looks charming just the way he is. Maddie sleeps with him at night. She wants to sew the Goose next.

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  1. The feet look really cute! I should do something like that, it looks like a fun idea. I was thinking about doing that thing with the beach ball, where you write sight words on it and they have to catch it and read the words. Lots of fun ways to try to drill sight words.

    The pig is adorable. She did really well. :)