Friday, March 2, 2012

Snowing Outside and Fluing Inside

Yep- we're getting up close and personal with the flu this week :( Somehow Maddie has managed to avoid the nastiness that the rest of us are dealing with. So, what's one to do when unable to function while vertical? Sit on the couch and update blogs, of course!

We did curlies last Sunday. Maddie recently saw me with sponge rollers in my hair and decided she wanted to try it out. Her hair is so fine I thought they'd slip out while she was sleeping, but it worked!

The kid is just like her dad in that it drives her crazy to sit for a photo without making some weird face. (Or maybe that's just a kid thing.)

Maddie's been on a story writing frenzy this week. It's quite apparent that we need to work on spacing and spelling... So I will translate-

"Once upon a time there was a monkey. He loved to swing. And he swinged and he swinged on the vines. Mommy camed."

"She screamed, "monkey" then monkey heard her. He came running."

"He ran and he ran and he ran. The end."
(Maddie was very specific about wanting to write "thee end" as opposed to "the end".)

Last week we tried out our new "fire pot" as we call it. Hot dogs and marshmallows. Yum!

Polenta pac-man.

Hungry polenta pac-man.

Angry screaming polenta pac-man.
Yawning polenta pac-man?
Opera singer polenta pac-man.

(Just me being dorky.)

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