Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Babydoll

Here's my babydoll MaddieGirl reading her book. Homeschooling is going good so far. She gets pretty stoked when she finds that she is able to read labels, signs, packaging etc when we're out and about. She reads little books at home, but it's a good thing they aren't very long, as she gets exhausted fairly quickly when reading. I keep telling her that the more she reads, the easier it will get.


  1. That's pretty cool! What is she reading? My oldest (almost 5) is being homeschooled, too, and I could have written this post about her. It's neat seeing her progress, but she does fatigue quickly when reading.

    I finally gave in and bought "Reading Eggs," an online reading game (I was reluctant to have her do a computer game), and I have seen a huge improvement in her reading, and yet she loves the games and thinks it's great fun.

  2. I used to teach kindergarten for a living so I've just been doing my own thing, drawing from resources that I've collected over the years. A friend recently gave me her old set of Bob Books (I think it's Hooked on Phonics) and that's what Maddie's reading now. I still don't know which curriculums I'll purchase when we get to that point. There are so many to choose from! But I'll have to check out the Reading Eggs.

  3. Wow, yeah, I guess teaching kindergarten does give you a useful background for homeschooling at this age! I've done a *small* amount of tutoring and led storytimes at the library, but otherwise I don't have a lot of experience. So I'm doing Sonlight curriculum as our base, because that way everything is planned out for me. I don't mind adding stuff myself, but I don't do well starting from scratch! I tried that for a while and I wasted *so* much time in planning and then it didn't work out well, anyway. Partly because I have a little one who likes crafts, but otherwise would like to spend all day being read to and doing nothing else.