Friday, May 6, 2011

Random pics I've been meaning to post.

I loved Maddie's outfit she chose on this particular day. She was so cute pushing her duck around in her stroller wearing her little hoody, boots, tutu and jeans.

My children would rather huddle by the heater vent sipping hot cider than actually put on slippers and a sweatshirt.

Our friend Esther brought these beautiful Chinese outfits back from China this winter. The girls wore them to the Chinese new year party at the Madison Chinese Christian Church that we share a building with. Maddie was super sick, but I didn't know just HOW sick yet when I was snapping pictures.

After we got back from the party I put our things away and found Maddie fast asleep bridged from the rocker to the ottoman. She turned out to have a raging fever. Poor little thing.

Playing dress up. (A healthier day than the previous pic.)

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