Friday, May 6, 2011

Maddie Drawings

A person and a house. (I thought the house was a penguin at first.)

Mark likes Maddie's abstract skies. She draws one horizontal line for the ground (pretty standard) but then she draws another horizontal line for the sky.

Interesting tidbit:
At Maddie's 4 year checkup, the nurse asked her to draw a person. It turned out like these guys with no body or arms. The nurse said that all the 4 year olds' drawings are missing bodies, but all the 5 year olds'drawings do have bodies. Something in the development of kid brains. However, at this age Maddie's people should have arms, but they rarely do unless they need to hold something. I guess that makes sense. She's efficient. What's the point of arms if you don't need them?

"A fruit tree, another fruit tree, and a gingerbread man."

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