Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow, a Pouter, and a Sicko

Here's our yard this morning. We got dumped on last night. Thankfully this storm didn't take down any branches like last winter's big storm did. (That branch on the ground is actually from last year's storm. We're not so motivated with certain things around here. Or maybe I just don't trust myself to use a chainsaw. Probably a bit of both.)
It's a snowday for pretty much everyone in Madison except hospitals, fire dept and police dept. The snowplows finally came down our street around 2:00. And one of our neighbors has a super duper heafty snowblower that works even in the deep stuff. He was kind enough to blow our driveway before we were able to get out there!

Ella's a bit pouty. She didn't want her picture taken.

And here's my little sicko napping on the couch. I'd take the kids out to play in the snow, but my MaddieCakes isn't doing so good today. Our family seems to have caught every flu strain out there this winter, despite getting flu shots.

I'm really sorry if we passed anything on to you Richters! Maddie was acting normal when we left yesterday to head to your place. I hope you are all healthy!

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