Friday, November 12, 2010

As Pooh would say, it was a "rather blustery day."

Am I a bad mom for sending my kids out to play in winds so strong they made national news? Probably. But boy did they have fun. Ella did get smacked with a face full of leaves a couple times, but she's a tough kid.

They look a little cold, no?

The girls backed up all the way to the neighbors driveway to get a running start to jump in our leaf pile. (I'll have you know- it's tricky keeping a leaf "pile" in these kinds of winds. Maddie got upset that her pile kept blowing away.)

Ella often reminds me of a puppy.

No- Maddie wasn't throwing the leaves. That's what the wind was kicking up.

Delightful frolic.
We simply must do it again sometime.
And we totally can since we missed the leaf pickup service today.