Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yah, I know. I'm lame.

I'm sorry, family, for not posting pictures in so long. After all, I did create this blog for you family members who rarely get to see the girls. I'll try to get my act together. I know it's not the ultimate excuse, but I've been dealing with some mild depression ever since Ella was born two years ago. (Actually, it might be more of a manic depressive thing?) I'm guessing it has a LOT to do with not getting many consecutive hours of sleep for two straight years because of one certain little cutie patootie. Don't worry- it's not bad enough for me to be wanting prescription brain chemicals or anything. I'm able to care for my family, so I'm doing fine. It just seems to be a bit more frequent lately. So, if I haven't seemed very social lately, please don't take it personally.

On a less serious note, here's a video of the mealtime entertainment that takes place in my house.


Corn Maze!

It's become our family tradition to do the country's largest corn maze each fall. This year my parent's were here for a visit, and decided to get lost in a field with us.

I found the cutest pumpkins on the farm.

My Dad

And Mommy. Doesn't she look happy? She didn't know we were lost yet.

I was intrigued by these little flowers in the corn.
I thought they were beautiful. I believe Mark's exact words were "freaky and weird." Guys.

And this is called, "I just turned 4 and haven't quite yet shaken the attitude that came with it."

Have you noticed that Ella has corn in her hands in every picture? She loved all the little treasures that she found on the ground along the way.

And a J gourd for Jenkins.


  1. Oh Celeste! They are so precious! I loved that video of meal time! They are getting so big... wish we could see them soon. That picture of Ella crinkling up her nose cracks me up.... I used to do that all the time when I was little. You are such a great mom. Love you all!