Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thunder Cake

A few weeks ago, the girls and I enjoyed a stormy afternoon by reading the book Thunder Cake and then making our own Thunder Cake. (If you have little ones, this is a fabulous rainy day activity.)

We started by snuggling up as our storm approached, and read Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco. It's a sweet story about how a Grandmother helps her granddaughter to not be afraid of thunder, and it teaches children how to count the seconds between lightning and thunder to determine how far away the storm is. The last page of the book has the recipe for Thunder Cake.
After we finished the story, the girls decided that it would, indeed, be a good idea to make our own Thunder Cake. And since making this cake was simply to spend some fun time with my girls, I let them make the cake. I didn't sweat the messes, and I just laughed when Ella took a mouthful of flour, decided she didn't like it, then spit it back into the bowl. (We tossed that portion of the ingredients.)
Maddie remembered that she has her own chef hat and apron (a gift from Aunt Christina) and soon looked like a pro in the kitchen.
Ella decided that if sister was dressing up to bake a cake, then she needed to as well.
My cute little bug.

It was all finger licking good.
And we got it into the oven before the storm hit, qualifying it as a true "Thunder Cake". (But the storm ended up going around us, so I'm not sure if that changes things.) The girls were not interested in putting the icing on the cake, as our rainy day movie had them preoccupied by the time the cake was cool. But they were very proud to show Daddy the cake they made.


  1. Here is one grandma who would love to enjoy a thunderstorm with her granddaughters. Come on down south. I love you.
    Grandma J

  2. I love it! What great pictures (and ideas) for a rainy day! I hope I get to be as cool as Celeste when my little guy is older!