Monday, July 19, 2010

I am Blessed

I have gobs of photos from the past 3 months that I've been wanting to post, but just haven't had the time to deal with an old, finicky computer. I've been consumed lately with throwing a birthday party, making a wedding cake, tending to church "stuff," and all the little time consuming things involved with raising small children and running a household. But in the midst of my busyness, I honestly have nothing to complain about.

As I ate lunch today, I pondered what a blessing it is to be in such a large house. And how I'm in the middle of a whole street of houses about the same size as mine, and my street is in a neighborhood full of these houses. And there are neighborhoods like this all over the country. My house is far from being "huge." Yet there are so many people to whom this house would be a mansion. And there are people in other countries that could never even imagine such a dwelling because they've never seen such a thing among their mud huts. I am so blessed to have so many conveniences to make my life so comfortable. And, for the time being my family is healthy and free from any major health issues. But how wonderful is it that when my child is ill, I can drive for only 8 minutes to get health advice face-to-face from a professional that knows all about the human body? And on the way home (driving in my car, of course, rather than walking on a dirt road for 2 days in sandals that don't really fit) I can stop at a drive through window to pick up medication that might make my child more comfortable or help her little body heal faster?

I could go on forever about all the little blessings God has given me that I don't deserve. But the "biggy" that I don't deserve is God's grace. I am accepted as perfect in his eyes, despite all my wickedness, because Jesus lived the perfect life on my behalf, earning eternal life for me, and dying in order to satisfy God's wrath against me. That is so much more goodness than God ever had to bless me with, (for I deserve nothing) yet he continues to shower me even with these little blessings.

I will happily continue to ponder this as I go now to do load after load of laundry in a nice big washing machine, right inside my house, without getting a single drop of water on my hands.

New photos coming soon.


  1. What great thoughts. I need to keep them at the front of my mind more often.

  2. Right ON.

    Just 50 years ago, my new son, Cameron, would have had no chance at life. Now, however, he'll grow to be an old man, I hope. He was born about a month and a half too soon, you see. 33 weeks. But healthy as a horse - except that he has to be fed through a feeding tube. God is good.