Saturday, April 3, 2010

Egg Hunt

I hid some plastic eggs in the backyard today for the girls to find. Maddie insisted on opening each one to see what was inside before looking for the next one.

Ella was thrilled to have an egg for each hand. (She abandoned her basket early on for some reason.) Then she decided that her eggs needed to go down the slide.

(The plastic eggs nowadays sure are cuter than the ones available when I was a kid.)


  1. Well, when I was a little kid I don't remember having plastic eggs! (I sound so ancient, don't I?) But you had to be careful that you found all the dyed real eggs because they could really smell later. . . .

  2. I just discovered your blog, and I love it! Your girls are so cute, and they look to be very close to the age of my girls (mine are 3 and 17 months). And mine has the slow-growing hair that you mentioned for Maddie a few posts ago! (Only even less of it, I think, and not that pretty shade of red.)

    It's so funny watching them try to figure out the process of finding the Easter eggs. I love Ella taking hers down the slide. Where did you find those cute animal ones, though? The most we've found are ones with stripes.

  3. Awesome! I look forward to these sorts of things...Hopefully when (one day in the eschaton) I won't be working nights anymore! :o)