Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cheerios incident at church this morning.

(Well, okay, Walmart's brand of Cheerios.) Anyhow, during worship, Ella fell asleep on my lap, holding her bag of Cheerios. Her hand suddenly slid down her side, leaving the Cheerios bag dangling from her little fingers. I figured that in a few seconds we'd have a lovely pile of 180 Cheerios on the floor if I did not get the bag from her. Looking back on it, the whole bag of cereal in one tidy pile on the floor would have been the most appealing option. But no- I try to slowly pry the bag from her. While I'm pulling the bag away, her fingers twitch, then clamp down into a death grip on the bag, and she starts flinging her arm up and down, yelling "mine! mine! mine!" Cheerios. Go. Flying. There are Cheerios on me. Cheerios on Ella. Cheerios on my chair. Cheerios in the aisle. Cheerios on the floor in the row on the other side of the aisle. Cheerios on the floor on the other side of the aisle and up one row. I quickly hurried her out of the room, and since we were both covered in Cheerios, we left an incriminating Cheerio trail that ran from my chair all the way out the door. Moral of story: if baby is sleeping and I'm actually getting to listen to the sermon, DON'T ADJUST THE BABY IN ANY WAY.


  1. That's classic! We learn something new with each one. Love you all.
    Grandma Sue

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  3. I can't see for the tears because I CAN see it happen, and it's hysterical!
    I didn't know you had a blog, Celeste. I'm going to bookmark it!

    Priscilla, another PW