Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Something's Missing

Okay, so here's how Maddie's gingerbread house looked when it was finished.

And here's how it looked this morning after I realized that Ella was suspiciously quiet for too long. Notice a difference?

And there was the little thief, lounging quietly in the beanbag chair, munching on the tree.

The look in her eyes said that she knew she shouldn't have done it, but that she was happy that she did.

The funny thing is, she won't eat these cookies when I give them to her at snack time. I guess the forbidden fruit is the most pleasing to the eye.

Those who disagree that we are born sinful obviously do not have children.


  1. That's awesome! Does this mean you have to put the house up and out of reach?

  2. Sorry about the late response. I tried responding a few times, but was having cookie problems. (Computer cookies. As opposed to toddlers eating cookies.) Anyhow, if this was a dangerous item we'd move it up higher, but since it's not, we're using it as a training tool to teach her to obey. If parents don't ever allow their children to face temptations, how will the children learn how to appropriately deal with temptation? Part of our child training philosophy involves houseproofing our children instead of childproofing our house. It turns out to be a blessing when we go to other people's houses too. Then we just tell our children what items are off limits and they obey, rather than us having to rearrange other people's houses because of our children.