Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day! (Blizzard Day?)

Thank you moms for checking on us. We're doing fine.
Here's what we woke up to this morning.
Mark tried to relieve our poor trees from some of the weight of the snow. I guess it wasn't really that much snow (about a foot and a half). What made it rough is that almost all of it fell over night. And that's a heck of a lot of snow to remove all at once.

It pretty much brought Madison to a stop. Schools were closed, malls, medical clinics, and some grocery stores were closed. (Sears was open to profit off those in need of shovels and snowblowers. A good call from a business perspective as far as I can tell.) It didn't seem like any of our neighbors made it to work. I don't see how anyone could have gone anywhere before the plows came through. And they didn't send us the little plows. This time it was the big tractor plows. (I'm sure that's not officially what they're called.)

Surrounding areas were without power and last night on the news they said that if you were stuck on the side of the freeway you could be waiting 12-24 hours for emergency vehicles/plows to get to you. I'm glad we were home.
I was amused that no matter which direction I looked, the sidewalks and driveways were lined with people with shovels and snowblowers. It seems like everyone on our street was out there at the same time. How can little white fluffy flakes cause so much trouble?
I figured this would be our last time playing outside for the next few days as the temp is supposed to drop into the single digits for the high tomorrow. So, I bundled my babies. Here's what it takes.

(You don't want to know how long it takes to put all that on.)

I finally got smart and pulled socks half way up Ella's arms to keep her mittens on.
Little CuteApotomus.
Maddie had a blast playing with neighbor friends.

So, it seems like we've got what we need until we can get to the stores again. (But I'm still waiting to realize what major item we're missing that we can't live without.)

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