Monday, December 21, 2009

The past couple weeks

While I was setting up to take pictures for our Christmas card Maddie requested that I take a picture of her with Mouse.
Mouse is her favorite stuffed animal. Maddie makes sure he gets tucked into bed every night with her.
It was just too darn cold to play outside last week. So we brought outside in and filled a bowl with snow.
What do ya know? Mermaids like the snow!
Maddie learned how to do a backbend! (Sort of- she'll get her head off the ground one of these days.) But she's very proud of her new trick.
Maddie (finally) filled her potty chart. Our attempt at positive reinforcement did not see desired results as soon as we had hoped. But the day finally came! One sticker each day the pants stay dry. 5 stickers = prize. Big prize for this chart- two new twin baby dolls! Now we're working toward earning some baby doll bath accessories. Keep up the good work Maddie!

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