Monday, December 28, 2009

Kids Being Kids

There has been no lack of entertainment in my house lately. It seems like every day I've been running to grab my camera to capture the girls doing something that makes me laugh. Ella's usual acrobatics always amuse me. Here she is doing chin-ups on the kitchen drawer. The other day she had both drawers pulled out with one hand on each, pulling herself up off the floor. We find her hanging from drawers, tables, the high chair, counter tops...

And, of course, the I-must-be-as-naked-as-I-can-possibly-get-at-all-times phase continues.
She loves tummys. "Tumtum" she calls them.

And she loves blowing raspberries on Daddy's tummy. She cracks up at Mark's dramatic reaction each time!
(I'm really looking forward to painting over the "beer cooler blue" walls.)
And I guess Ella's phase is contagious, because I caught Maddie "shopping" with no pants on. Oh, come on, like you've never gone shopping in your Santa hat without any pants!
Crazy kids.

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  1. It's so great to see all these wonderful pictures of the girls, Celeste! Thanks so much for putting them up. They are growing so fast. It strikes me how much Ella looks like Mark. Her eyes and ears are him all over. Maddie looks like the cutest little redheaded angel ever. We miss all you guys!