Saturday, October 17, 2009

Outing to the Arboretum

This past week we actually had a sunny afternoon, so I took the girls to the arboretum for a walk. I thought my little sickos could use some fresh air, and I wanted to see the fall colors before it snows. (Look at that little grin!)

Such as outings with little ones goes, Ella was shivering despite wearing three layers, a hood, and mittens...
...and the only thing Maddie could think about was that she had to pee but didn't want to take me up on the offer to drop her drawers behind a tree in 40 something degree weather. Can't blame the kid. I wouldn't want to either.
But I did manage to get half a smile out of her.
We soon (much sooner than anticipated) headed back to the car.
After warming up in the car, peeing into a ziplock bag (an easy, no-mess substitute for a portapotty), and sharing a snack, we were all doing much better.
Ella found it particularly delightful that she got to hold the bag of cheerios. However, the gross motor skills can use a little work.

Hopefully we can return for a longer walk this week as we should have some warmer temps!

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