Thursday, October 15, 2009


I had visions of birthday-cake-sugar-high children running around on a farm on party day. But we moved the party from the farm/pumpkin patch to our house due to the unseasonably cold weather. I'm so glad we did- during Maddie's party it started to snow!

I suggested many "girly" options for a cake but Maddie insisted that she wanted a Thomas the Train cake. (But she did let me make it pink and purple.)

A lot of the kids couldn't make it due to illness etc, but we still had fun! We made Mr. Pumpkin Heads!

Maddie's pig pumpkin looks a little evil, doesn't it?

Then we colored cookies.

And sang happy birthday.
Here's Maddie trying her best to blow out her candles from two feet away. I guess I was nervous about putting the cake too close to her since last year she tried to stick her finger in the flame.

Time for presents!

All in all, she had a whole lot of fun.
And now she knows how to correctly answer the question
"how old are you?"

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